January 14

God is Everywhere Present 

Bible Reading: Psalm 139:7-12; Jeremiah 23:24 

Corrie and Betsie ten Boom helped to hide Jews during the Nazi occupation. The Nazis found out and sent the two middle aged women to a concentration camp. There they endured horrific conditions and incredible suffering. Yet in the midst of this terrible situation, they ministered hope to hundreds of prisoners, as their barracks were transformed into a Bible study. Eventually Betsie became deathly ill and was transferred to a prison hospital. After the orderlies set her on the hospital floor, Corrie leaned down to hear the words on her sister’s lips, “Tell people what we’ve learned here…there is no pit so deep in which God’s love is not deeper still.” Betsie died the following day. Then Corrie was miraculously released as a result of a clerical error. Afterward, Corrie forgave the guards who had held her captive. She touched millions of lives through her books and speaking tours, and once said of her time in the camp, “I’ve experienced His presence in the deepest darkest hell that men can create…I have tested the promises of the Bible, and believe me, you can count on them.”” 

God is everywhere present, even in the horrific prison camp, with all Corrie and Betsie endured. There is nowhere in God’s creation where God is not. King David praised God for this truth, acknowledging there was no place he could possibly go which was away from God (Psalm 139:7-10). 

It is not that God is in everything, that view is called pantheism. It supposes all things compose an all-encompassing, immanent god. Instead what the Bible teaches is the person of God, who is Spirit (John 4:24) is present everywhere in His creation. As Paul testified to the idol-worshippers on Mars Hill, it’s in the one true God “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). 

What a comfort to know the Presence of God as the Holy Spirit indwells the hearts of those who have received Him. (John 14:17; 1 Corinthians 3:16) We are never really alone. Whether you are at home, or at work, or in school. No matter if you are enjoying worship at church, or are all alone suffering some hardship of which others are unaware. The Holy Spirit, our beloved Helper is with us. What a precious encouragement it is to realize we can walk by the Spirit, consciously depending on Him always.

As with God’s omniscience, there is another side of this truth which will one day be tragically clear to people who do not know God. When God’s judgment falls upon mankind, Scripture tells us there will be no place to hide (Cf. Amos 9:2-4). But for people who have chosen the way of truth, there’s refuge to be found in the One who left His abode in heaven to dwell among us (John 1:14). The One who died for our sins and rose from the dead “that He might bring us to God” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4; 1 Peter 3:18). 

Heavenly Father. How incredible is the truth that you are everywhere present! Forgive me, Lord. I’m too often thinking and acting as if I’m all alone. Thank you for your abiding Presence, faithfully guiding and upholding me through all life’s circumstances. Help me to walk moment-by-moment in the awareness, comfort and strength of Your presence. Amen. 

Author: looking2jesus13

Having served as pastor at Lewis and Clark Bible Church, in Astoria, Oregon, for almost three decades, my wife’s cancer diagnosis led to my retirement and subsequent move to Heppner to be near our two grandchildren. I divide my time between caring for Laura and working as a part time hospice chaplain and spending time with family and spoiling my chocolate lab.

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